Aprima Medical Software

A Complete EHR & Practice Management Software Bundle for Your Practice

Aprima EHR is an all-in-one cloud-based software bundle designed to maximize your insurance reimbursement and reduce billing issues, while streamlining medical billing and scheduling. As an award-winning EHR software, Aprima is tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice and improve practice efficiency.

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Aprima Medical Software

Aprima: EHR That Simplifies Your Workflow

Aprima EHR is a cutting-edge medical software that offers a comprehensive patient medical history on a single database. With Aprima, you can easily manage patient records without the hassle of multiple files or databases, making it the ideal solution for any medical practice, big or small.

Experience the benefits of Aprima alongside thousands of physicians across over 70 specialties. With Aprima, you can:

  • Primary care
  • Behavioral health
  • Pediatrics
  • Urgent care, Ambulatory
  • Family medicine
  • Primary care and other specialties
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Aprima is a Modern, Easy, and Affordable Solution

  • Patient records are accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with Web access.
  • You don’t need to purchase costly servers to maintain the software.
  • Never worry about data backups again.
  • Security & peace of mind knowing Microwize is protecting your data.
  • Automatic free upgrades keep your practice current and compliant.
  • The EHR runs on both Windows and Mac devices.
  • Microwize provides easy and affordable training options by experts.
  • Check out the pricing information here.

Award-Winning Best in KLAS Certified

Aprima Award Winning EHR

Aprima Key Features


Save time and deliver the best patient care with Aprima's automatic pharmacy downloads and instant e-prescriptions.

Easy and Quick Charting

Efficient charting system that supports your documentation needs. Intuitive interface for quick note-taking and more time with patients.

Electronic Superbills

Automatically generate superbills from progress notes with Aprima's electronic superbills feature, reducing time spent on billing and increasing patient care.

Fully Integrated

Aprima EHR & PM is a fully integrated software for patient management, billing metrics, insurance authorization, etc.

Lab Interfaces

Lab interfaces eliminate paper orders and provide instant electronic access to results, freeing up time to focus on patient care.

Patient Portal

Securely access and update your health information from your phone. Experience convenience and control with our patient portal.

Maximize Productivity with Aprima's Mobile App for Urology EHR.

With Aprima’s mobile app, you can access patient data, monitor messages, and review appointments on-the-go, allowing you to stay productive and provide quality patient care from anywhere.

Aprima Mobile EHR Software

Aprima's EHR Software for Urology is ONC Certified for high-quality and effective care.

Aprima’s is already certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), meeting the mandatory requirement for EHR certification in 2023.

With Aprima’s certified EHR, you can be confident in our ability to help you increase efficiency, improve workflow and simplify medical billing processes, enabling you to focus on providing exceptional care for your patients.

Aprima’s innovative technology is designed to evolve with your changing needs, delivering an intuitive and easy-to-use tailored experience. Request a free demo today and experience the benefits of ONC certified.

Aprima EHR ONC Certified