APRIMA Mobile App

The APRIMA Mobile App streamlines patient-related tasks for physicians, providing increased productivity and connectivity on-the-go. Manage appointments, messages, and patient information more efficiently, giving you more time with patients and less time in front of computers.

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Download the APRIMA Mobile App

With the app, manage patient-related tasks anytime and anywhere, whether at home or on-the-go. View medical history, approve lab results, refill prescriptions, correspond with patients, and more using your smartphone or tablet. The app is included with APRIMA EHR at no additional cost, and is available for download on iOS and Android devices for existing APRIMA customers.

Benefits of APRIMA Mobile App

As a benefit, you can access patient data from your Apple or Android devices and enjoy optimal functionality and usability.

The app automatically adjusts to different screen sizes and integrates with your device’s features, such as camera and voice.

It also delivers powerful and secure performance on cellular and Wi-Fi networks, thanks to the latest encryption technologies.

Moreover, you get more control over your time and gain anytime, anywhere access to patient data.

Dr. Thomas Rennie, a rheumatologist at South Texas Rheumatology Associates, has shared how he found the APRIMA Mobile app useful while on call. He said,

“The app comes in handy when you’re on call and not at your computer. For example, I was out and about this weekend while on call, and I was able to quickly look up a patient’s information on my phone before responding to the request for a medication refill. I love it!”

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